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Wedding Theme

weddings with a theme are the most modern way of celebrating the illustrious event. According to your interest and liking a perfect theme shall be selected after consulting the couple. Themes like royal theme wedding, fairytale theme or any color specific theme shall give a unique approach to your wedding.

Luxury Wedding Luxury Wedding
Luxury Indian Wedding is very famous for there On arrival you would be welcomed royally in the Indian way, the Shehnai and the dhol marks the beginning of such a royal affair and fills you with a spirit of joy altogether. Folk Music and some sight seeing as the time permits will bring you closer to the tradition and culture and goes well with the spirit of wedding and celebration. One can also visit the Jagdish Temple and take a drive near... Know more

Traditional Wedding Traditional Wedding
Traditionally, Indian wedding extends to be a week long affair and speaks of the tradition, culture and heritage of the country. In Indian wedding, there is an event for almost everything. Generally, the wedding is divided into three parts - pre wedding, wedding and post wedding. Rituals like 'Haldi', 'Mehandi', 'Sangeet' and 'Tilak' are pre wedding rituals. Before the wedding, the to-be bride and the groom's families visit each other... Know more

Royal Wedding Royal Wedding
India is an enigmatic land, with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Ruled over by innumerable dynasties, the country has experienced a wealth of royalty. The imperial legacy can be seen spread over different regions in the form of various forts, palaces and temples. So, if you want to have a taste of the ancient regality and relive the bygone era, what can be best than arranging a royal or palatial wedding for yourself. This way you will surely make... Know more

Dream Wedding Dream Wedding
Dream Wedding is the toshali company in India that takes professional care for arranging wedding ceremonies. The specialty of the company is planning, conceptualization, and organization of every detail of a wedding program in order to bring complete management of the whole show in flawless manner. There are lots of intricacies involved in a wedding and the customs, rituals, and arrangements vary from one province to another province... Know more