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Luxury Wedding

Luxury Indian Wedding is very famous for there On arrival you would be welcomed royally in the Indian way, the Shehnai and the dhol marks the beginning of such a royal affair and fills you with a spirit of joy altogether.

Folk Music and some sight seeing as the time permits will bring you closer to the tradition and culture and goes well with the spirit of wedding and celebration.

One can also visit the Jagdish Temple and take a drive near Fateh Sagar Lake with a visit to Sahelion-ki- Bari, picturesque garden of the maids-of-Honor.

A theme party would be organized where the bride and the groom can exchange rings with a beautiful backdrop of lake and sunset. With a lot of beautiful lighting and men and women dressed in the ethnic wear of Rajasthan if that is the theme, or may be something else. The backdrop also enjoys music which is traditional and unique in its own sense. Excitement is in the air.

The day of the wedding also has traditional music being played, royal dishes being served throughout the day, making you ad your guests comfortable and feel royal.

Guests can have a great time relaxing at the spa, pool and other facilities to suit ones own interest may be. Some can also visit the markets close by for some shopping or just to see around the place and enjoy. When the time for the wedding comes, all the guests are welcomed with the rose buds and flowers being showered. Also, drinks and snacks are served. Then is the palace, which looks extremely beautiful and mesmerizing in the night with a beautiful backdrop and an amazing feel created naturally by the dim light, the palace and the water. As the priests conduct the ceremony, the guest can celebrate with champagne and then cut the wedding cake. The celebration is all with dance, music and so much more. The thing ends with a beautiful firework, sky shots adding to the beauty with the bride and the groom promising a life of togetherness. Enjoying the time, a lavish buffet is served and the festivities just do not end, they go on till late in the night.